established his coffee business in Cuba Street Wellington in 1926. The shop became a Wellington icon, as Mr Fagg would accept nothing but the highest quality coffee beans from right around the world.

Alfred Fagg found novel ways to advertise his coffee. He would take freshly roasted coffee beans and scatter them on the pavement outside his Cuba Street store. Passers-by would crush the beans underfoot releasing an irresistible aroma.

Around 1946, Alfred Fagg sold his famous Cuba Street coffee shop to a grocer from the Wairarapa. Soon after, Mr Fagg was horrified to hear the likes of soap and toothpaste were being sold by the new shop owner. Alfred Fagg decided to buy back the shop only five months after he sold it!

With a reputation for freshness and flavour, Fagg's has stood the test of time. Today, Fagg's is still produced in its original format, which guarantees freshness and easy storage. Down to earth with a great sense of humour, Fagg's doesn't take itself too seriously - just a great straight coffee.



A lightly roasted, medium-bodied coffee with a clean crisp acidity and a sweet caramel aroma. Tastes of berries and stone fruit are balanced by sweet toasty vanilla notes, and a finish of almonds.


Smooth low/ medium acidity coffee with flavours of sweet nuts and hints of butter. A slightly earthy aftertaste.


A lightly roasted, medium-bodied coffee with lively acidity, showing flavours of apricots and vanilla and finishing with a slight citrus bite in the after-taste.


A full-bodied coffee with sweet acidity, a spicy aroma with hints of liquorice and leather. A toasty nutty flavour with hints of chocolate and caramel.

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